NOKOBIT 2019 Program

NOKOBIT program tirsdag 26. november
Invitert foredrag NOKOBIT
1030 - 1200
Chair: Tom Roar Eikebrokk
Stefan Hochwarter, Pierre Tangermann, Martin Heinze and Julian Schwarz: Psychiatric Home Treatment for Inpatient Care – Design, Implementation and Participation
Rania El-Gazzar and Karen Stendal: Cloud Computing, Blockchain and IoT: A Blessing or Curse?
Till Halbach, Tom Widerøe and Aleksander Bai:
Integrating accessibility testing into a continuous deployment process: A case study from a large company
Introductions to posters
Hoang Long Nguyen, Rajendra Akerkar:
Leveraging Big Data Technologies for Community Resilience
Minsung Hong, Tharsis Teoh, Timo Eichhorn, Julien Debussche, Jayant Sangwan, Rajendra Akerkar
Characterisation of the Barriers and Limitations on Utilisation of Big Data in Transport: The LeMO Project
Invitert foredrag UDIT
Professor Alf Inge Wang, NTNU
Chair: Rania El-Gazzar
Frode Sandnes and Eivind Brevik: Twenty-five years of NOKOBIT – a Bibliometric Study of Impact
John Sandberg, Simen William Sæther and Hans Olav Omland: Teknostress og omstillingsevne. Et casestudie
Jon Iden, Katarina Kaarbøe, Enja Henriette Nyholt and Oda Egenæs: Perspektiver på digital transformasjon – en casestudie
Mohammad Ali Kohansal: Lessons from Failure ERP Implementations
Plenary panel session: How should IT education address sustainability and climate change?
NOKOBIT program onsdag 27. november
Invitert foredrag NIK
Davide Roverso
Chief Analytics Officer, eSmart Systems
1030 - 1200
Chair: Jon Iden
Egil Øvrelid, Per Grøttum and Hilde Westbye: Strategizing digital infrastructures in higher education
Sarfraz Iqbal: Employing Action Design Research for Designing Course and Laboratory to Teach Web Management in a Mixed Classroom
Miriam Begnum, Lene Pettersen and Hanne Sørum: Into the Wild: The Education of Interaction Design Professionals
Bendik Bygstad, Egil Øvrelid and Lars Oftedal: A National Digital Infrastructure for Higher Education
Invitert foredrag NISK
Chair: Karen Stendal
Tom Roar Eikebrokk and Dag Håkon Olsen: Robotic Process Automation for Knowledge Workers – Will it Lead to Empowerment or Lay-offs?
Bendik Bygstad, Gjermund Lanestedt and Jon Iden: Some Elements to a Theory of Digital Management
Bokolo Anthony Jnr. and Sobah Abbas Petersen: A Smart City Adoption Model to Improve Sustainable Living
Kjersti Berg Danilova, Jon Iden and Bendik Bygstad:Digitaldirektørens bidrag til digital transformasjon gjennom håndtering av usikkerhet i organisasjonen