Newly established projects, research in progress, and completed work which is of interest to the conference participants but does not fit as a research paper, can be presented as a poster with or without a demo of ICT.
PhD-project in an early phase may also be presented in this category.

The posters will be published in the conference break areas and the authors will present them there during the breaks. Ther will also be a one-minute presentation of each poster in a poster session. More information about this will follow.

Posters and demonstrations are submitted as Extended abstracts (max 2 pages). An Extended abstract briefly summarizes the contribution, including the background, purpose, method, results and references. For demonstrations, the Extended abstract must also include information about requirements for space and equipment (e.g. a table). Technical equipment must be brought to the conference by the participant.

A poster should mainly consist of illustrations and not be an enlarged version of the Extended abstract. Posters should have portrait orientation, size A1. The poster must be brought to the conference in printed version.

Extended abstracts will be assessed by the program committee, but will NOT be given peer reviews, hence posters will not entail publication points. Extended abstracts for posters will be published in a separate section of the conference report, such that it clearly shows that these contributions are neither peer reviewed nor giving publication credits.

Extended abstracts should be submitted to the relevant NIKT-conference (NIK, NOKOBIT, NISK, UDIT) via the same channel as for papers.

Deadline for submission of posters and demonstrations see Important dates